Water Bath Incubator Shaker

We offer Water Bath Incubator Shaker that is useful for studies on tissue metabolism, enzymes, protein coagulation and other experiments; demanding shaking at constant speed under controlled temperature conditions. We offer Water Bath Incubator Shaker, which has double walled construction; inner chamber made out of thick highly polished stainless steel sheet and outer made out of thick mild steel duly finished in stoving enamel paint. The lid is made of stainless steel. The gap in our Water Bath Incubator Shaker, between the two chambers is filled with glass wool to prevent loss of heat.

Details :
  • The temperature in the Water Bath Incubator Shaker is achieved by superior immersion heater and is controlled by capillary type thermostat from ambient to 90oC+ 0.5oC.
  • The shaking mechanism in Water Bath Incubator Shaker is fitted with variable speed motor couple to shaking tray working on rollers.
  • Shaking speed is controlled from tray working on rollers. Shaking speed is controlled from 40 to 140 cycles per minute. Shaking tray can hold either test tubes or flasks of 25ml. or 100ml. capacity.
  • Front panel includes on-off switch, shaking mechanism indicator, speed control, thermostat control etc.
  • L-shaped thermometer is provided to indicate inside temperature. Equipment to work on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

Optional :
  • Microprocessor Thermostat “EGO”/”JUMO” german with the accuracy of 0.5oC
  • Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Digital Temperature Indicator- Cum- Controller
  • Microprocessor PID Digital Temperature Indicator – Cum- Controller
  • Shaking tray for 25ml, 50 ml, 100ml. 250ml & 500 ml & 25mm dia. Test tubes or conical flaks

Minimum Order Quantity : 25 Pieces


Shaking Tray Size (Stainless Steel) Capacity
275x275x150mm 12litres
405x300x150mm 18litres